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Trusteeship Magazine

Higher Education and Health Care at a Crossroads

Trusteeship Magazine Cover image

The March/April 2011 issue of Trusteeship highlights the topic of change across the institution, the student body, and governance structure. Cover story Higher Education and Health Care at a Crossroads, examines how the recent passage of health-care reform can change the ways institutions provide health care to students and employees as well as the training of future health professionals.

This issue also explores leadership response to change in light of political and economic trends (The Statewide Public Agenda and Higher Education: Making It Work), new perspectives on board-faculty relationships (Academic Oversight: Asking Questions, Building Bridges), and the educational needs and desires of the latest generation of students (Low-Hanging Fruit: How Boards Can Improve Education Now Through Pedagogy, Portability, and Price).

An excerpt from upcoming AGB Press book Leading Change: How Boards and Presidents Build Exceptional Academic Institutions by Terry MacTaggart further illustrates the vital role of trustees in institutional change (Boards as Game Changers)—a Trusteeship exclusive.



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