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Trusteeship Magazine

Trusteeship magazine reports trends, issues, and practices in higher education to help board members and chief executives better understand their distinctive and complementary roles and to strengthen board performance. It is published bimonthly for AGB members.

Hungry and Homeless: Tackling the Crisis of Basic Needs Insecurity

September/October 2018

Shared Governance

Summer 2018

New Literacies for a Digital Age

March/April 2018

The Tax Law: Considerations for Boards

January/February 2018

Intrepid Explorers: The Critical First Years of Trusteeship

November/December 2017

The Innovation Imperative

September/October 2017


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Subscriptions for individuals and libraries affiliated with member institutions are $75 per year; for individuals affiliated with non-member institutions or organizations ineligible for AGB membership, $100 per year. Contact for more information.



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