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Higher education achieves its greatest success through collaboration.

AGB is the premier organization focused on governance in higher education. AGB provides leadership and counsel to member boards, chief executives, organizational staff, policymakers, and other key industry leaders to help them navigate the changing education landscape. Our membership includes every sector of higher education–from community colleges to statewide systems, liberal-arts campuses to research universities, and the affiliated foundations that support them. AGB serves 1,900 institutions and 40,000 individuals who lead and support higher education boards.

Trustees of colleges, universities, and university or college affiliated foundations volunteer their time, expertise, and resources to ensure that higher education will continue its proud history of preparing and empowering students for life and career success to the benefit of us all. Through your support of AGB, you will help ensure their success in serving as the ultimate stewards of our higher education system.

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Opportunities to support AGB include:

To learn more about these opportunities to support AGB, please contact our resource development team at, or call us:

Steve Abbott, Director of Corporate Relations, (202) 776-0842
Amy Lynch, Resources Coordinator, (202) 776-0828



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