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The Governance Committee (Independent Institutions)

By Jim Lanier and E.B. Wilson

Hard Copy




The governance committee, also known as the committee on trustees, committee on trusteeship, or committee on directors, is arguably the most important committee that a board of trustees can empower. The committee identifies, vets, and selects trustees who bring the necessary experience, skills, and character to the board. The governance committee also works to identify best practices in governance and introduce them to the board and its committees, ensuring that such practices are appropriate for the culture of that specific board and the institution it oversees.

The demands on boards have expanded and become more complex, and The Governance Committee meets the challenge head-on, giving advice on how to become more thoughtful about the selection of new trustees and the composition of the board, as well as more involved in orientation and continuing board-education programs, mentorship of new board members, and trustee self-assessment.



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