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Risk Management: An Accountability Guide for University and College Boards

With proven advice and practical best practices for sound risk management, this robust publication written by the CEO of United Educators identifies how engaged board members should collaborate closely with institutional leaders on a variety of operational and strategic risks.

Making the Grade: How Boards Can Ensure Academic Quality (2nd Edition)

Making the Grade: How Boards Can Ensure Academic Quality—popularly referred to as “The Little Yellow Book” by boards, faculty, provosts, and assessment specialists—provides clear guidance for the board’s role in the most important “business” of academe: educating students.

Presidential Search: An Overview for Board Members

The selection of a president is a governing board’s most important responsibility, and the search process is the board’s best opportunity to help guide its institution into a successful new era. The manner in which a governing board conducts a presidential search is a reflection upon the entire institutional community.

The Development Committee

Fundraising has become an essential component of institutions' financial viability, particularly as government support shrinks. Institutional reputations and relations with constituents can be badly damaged by ineffective, clumsily implemented, or unethical fundraising practices.

Fundraising Advice for College and University Presidents: An Insider's Guide

In these financially challenging times, chief executive officers of today’s colleges and universities are expected to serve as their institutions’ lead fundraisers. Still, many presidents remain uncomfortable in this essential role.

Succession Planning for the Higher Education Presidency

“Succession planning with an emphasis on internal leadership development is essential in meeting the leadership challenges we anticipate.”

Strategic Finance: Planning and Budgeting for Boards, Chief Executives, and Finance Officers

Colleges and universities operate in a world of continuous change and challenges ranging from demographics and economics to globalization and technology. Strategic thinking demands that boards and chief executives take into account mission and core values, longstanding strengths, future trends, and unique opportunities.

Margin of Excellence: The New Work of Higher Education Foundations

Through its chapters covering innovative thinking, adaptability, and the development of effective and responsive board committees, Margin of Excellence equips foundation executives, boards, and the leaders of host institutions with the knowledge they need to strategically manage change and growth.


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