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Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs): A Primer for University and College Board Members

By Brian D. Voss



The environment in which MOOCs and other forms of online education operate is changing virtually every day. Based upon a presentation given to the board of directors of AGB, this white paper is an effort to give board chairs, presidents, and others some context to help guide discussions on their own campuses.

Author Brian Voss is the vice president and CIO at the University of Maryland’s flagship campus in College Park and also a member of the EDUCAUSE board of directors, serving as vice chair for 2013.




Is This Time Different?
A Primer on MOOCs
How MOOCs Work
What Remains to Be Seen
Issues to Consider
The Key Challenges
Issues for Boards
Appendix I: The Online Learning Landscape
Appendix II: Key Online Terms and Concepts
Additional Articles
Bibliography and Other Sources of Information



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