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Presidential Initiative: Charting a Course for Successful Governance

Registration for the 2015 Presidential Initiative is now closed. For questions, please contact

The Presidential Initiative is an integrated set of four activities aimed at strengthening presidential leadership through successful governance. The program is intended for presidents who see strong value in engaging their boards to advance key strategic institutional priorities.

The program's four elements include:

Part 1: The Presidential Initiative Kickoff Meeting

AGB's Presidential Initiative begins with a unique two-day program to assist presidents in enhancing strategic collaboration with their boards. Our dynamic facilitators combine one-on-one consulting with rich group workshops that will enable each president to shape a high-performing board partnership and move the institution toward its goals, which will ensure presidential and institutional success.


  • Carol Christ, president emerita, Smith College
  • Theodore Long, president emeritus, Elizabethtown College

Date: June 1-2, 2015
Location: Washington, D.C.

Part 2: Leadership Coaching

The Presidential Initiative will provide each participant with the support he or she needs to achieve specific goals. We do this by providing four hours of highly personalized phone consultations over a period of six to eight months, allowing presidents to test ideas in a safe environment, obtain feedback on potential plans of action, and work through challenging governance situations. Our goal is to support presidents on issues important to them in real time.

Part 3: Day-long Custom Consultation

The Presidential Initiative also seeks to foster good governance in the board room. An AGB Consulting expert will work with the president to frame and lead a one-day workshop on a topic of his or her choice. The on-campus (or off-site) session might be used for one-on-one collaboration with the board chair, a workshop for senior administrators to help them work effectively with the board, or to engage the entire board on roles and responsibilities or effective board structure.

Part 4: Reconnecting at AGB's 2016 National Conference on Trusteeship

The Presidential Initiative 2015 cohort will conclude its time together with a working session at AGB's 2016 National Conference on Trusteeship. This is an opportunity for participants to follow up with one another, share lessons learned over the past year, seek solutions to newly emerging issues, and have an open, honest discussion about effective presidential and board leadership with peer colleagues. (Conference registration is optional).

Date: April 17, 2016
Location: Washington, D.C.

Guaranteed Participation in the Institute for Board Chairs and Presidents

AGB recognizes that effective presidential leadership is tied to the success of the board, and that success is highly dependent on a solid partnership between the president and board chair. We offer participants in the Presidential Initiative an opportunity to participate in one of the upcoming Institutes for board leaders and presidents, programs that frequently sell out. The Institute, AGB's signature program for leaders, enables the president and board chair to strengthen their relationship to benefit their college or university. (Additional registration fees apply.)

Date: January 2016 / June 2016 / January 2017 / June 2017

AGB will select from a national pool of presidents individuals whose institutions demonstrate exceptional promise for future achievement and who see governance as a key to reaching its goals.

Registration Price: $8,450 



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