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The Skills Needed for Building a Vision

Ted Long believes that building a strong vision for the institution requires the ability to provide a perspective challenges that other stakeholders might not have seen for themselves.

Making Sure the Board Is Prepared

Betsy Fleming, president of Converse College, suggests that preparing the board is an ongoing process that requires the president to keep the board engaged so that it can participate in decision making in an informed way.

Competition from Online and For-Profit Institutions

Carol Cartwright describes some of the competitive challenges that institutions of higher education face in the current environment.

Aligning the President and the Board Chair

Mary Graham Davis, chair of the board at Mount Holyoke College, suggests that partnering on a large initiative, such as a strategic plan, is an effective way to bring the president and the chair of the board into alignment.

What Issues Should Board Chairs Be Watching?

Mary Graham Davis believes that board chairs should be paying attention to issues such as tuition, e-learning, and faculty demographics, among others.

Making Tough Decisions

Russell Ramsey argues that colleges and universities must not shy away from asking themselves difficult questions, and making tough choices if they intend to keep up with the pace of change in the higher education landscape.

Fostering the Next Generation of Board Leadership

EB Wilson, former board chair at St. Lawrence University, believes that the appointment of committee chairs must be part of a deliberate strategic plan on the part of the chair of the board and the president.

The Executive Committee

Merrill Schwartz explains that executive committees are an important body to have in place in case urgent matters require attention, but that boards should take caution against relying on them too much.

Bringing the Foundation and Host Institution Together

Dave Bahlmann suggests that a strong memorandum of understanding between the institution and the foundation is a vital component of bringing the foundation and the host institution closer together.

Fundraising and Stewardship

Dave Bahlmann, president emeritus of the Ball State University Foundation, explains the difference between restricted gifts, unrestricted gifts, and endowment funds.




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