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Sharing Decision-Making Authority

EB Wilson, former board chair at St. Lawrence University, argues that the sharing of decision-making authority is a process that requires ongoing dialogue.

Preparing the Board to Make Tough Decisions

Mary Graham Davis, chair of the board at Mount Holyoke College, describes techniques to help prepare the board, including the circulation of materials prior to meetings, and plenary sessions.

Non-Voting Committee Members

Merrill Schwartz explains that non-voting members can play an important role in higher education governance, but that they should be careful to avoid conflicts of interest.

Avoiding Conflict Between the Foundation and Host Institution

Dave Bahlmann argues that a strong and transparent planning process is the surest way to avoiding conflict between the foundation and the host-institution.

Ethical Compliance and Conflict of Interest

Dave Bahlmann, president emeritus of the Ball State University Foundation, describes the fiduciary responsibility that foundation board members have to disclose conflicts of interest.

Best Practices for Risk Management

Janice Abraham argues that good risk management flows from the top down, and that the entire board needs to be engaged in supporting the risk management process.

Common Pitfalls with Fiduciary Responsibilities

Tom Hyatt argues that boards fail to discharge their fiduciary duties most often when they are not fully engaged.

The Fiduciary Responsibilities of an Emeritus Trustee

Tom Hyatt, senior fellow at the Association of Governing Boards, explains the fiduciary obligations of a non-voting, emeritus trustee.

Avoiding Mistakes in Collegiate Athletics

John Casteen believes that transparency is the key to avoiding governance mistakes in collegiate athletics.

Productive Oversight of the President

Betsy Fleming, president of Converse College, argues that good oversight of the president includes serving as a sounding board, and partner to the president.




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