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Membership in AGB means your institution is among the leading colleges, universities, and institutionally related foundations committed to excellence in higher education governance. AGB members can tap into important information and resources—as well as consult with expert advisors—to help them govern more strategically and effectively.

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Membership is open to:

  • Boards of colleges and universities accredited (or accreditation candidate) by a regional agency recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation
  • Advisory (non-governing) and quasi-governing boards of institutions or campuses within public multi-campus or statewide systems of higher education
  • Boards of separately incorporated foundations affiliated with public colleges and universities
  • Boards of statewide higher education coordinating and planning agencies
  • Governing boards of independent K-12 schools
  • Governing boards of universities incorporated in other nations as nonprofit or state-sponsored organizations

Boards of certain national and international nonprofit organizations whose missions include substantial focus on higher education may be considered for membership on a case-by-case basis.

Visit our membership page to see if your organization is already an AGB member.


Membership dues are payable in the anniversary month in which the member board joined the association. Dues may be adjusted annually at the discretion of the AGB Board of Directors; adjustments take effect on January 1. Dues are assessed according to an institution's FTE (full-time equivalent) enrollment, with some exceptions.

Institutional Governing Boards

Enrollment (FTE)2019 Dues
Up to 500$3,000
More than 40,000$12,500

Annual dues for institutional governing boards are based on total enrollment figures for the most recent fall term (full-time equivalent degree-credit students) as reported annually by the U.S. Department of Education. FTE = one-third the number of part-time students + the total number of full-time students.

Other Categories2019 Dues
International; Public System Campus Advisory Boards; Statewide Coordinating Boards; Theological Institutions and Seminaries; Two-year Public Institutions; K-12 Schools$3,000

Public Institutions Affiliated Foundation Boards

Assets Managed2019 Dues
Up to $25,000,000$2,575
$250,000,001 or more$3,750

Annual dues for institutionally-affiliated foundation boards are based on assets under management at the end of the foundation's previous fiscal year.

Please download AGB's W-9 Form here.



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