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Governing Boards as Advocates: The Guardians Initiative Aims to Reclaim Public Trust in Higher Education

An initiative to engage trustees of the nation’s colleges and universities as advocates for the enduring societal value of higher education.

America’s higher education system is recognized around the world for its creativity, its educational diversity and quality, its research excellence, and its foundational role as a vehicle of opportunity for students to improve themselves and society. And yet that reputation is increasingly called into question by policymakers, opinion leaders, and the public, who now express concern about the quality, affordability, and relevance of higher education.

There may not be a more essential priority than turning the dial on the public’s perceptions about higher education. Therefore AGB has launched The Guardians Initiative™: Reclaiming the Public Trust. The Guardians Initiative seeks to harness the knowledge and passion of the nation's trustees to create a cadre of informed, dedicated, and visible advocates for higher education.

Join other colleges and universities in committing to the Guardians Initiative.
Get informed about key issues in higher education.
Access resources to inform your advocacy on behalf of higher education.
Join with our partners in supporting the Guardians Initiative.
Stay up-to-date on the latest news and social media.

What's the Value of Higher Ed for...

...the Taxpayer?

Learn More about Guardians

AGB staff are available to answer questions about the Guardians Initiative and how institutions can be part of this broad-based effort to bring the value proposition of higher education front and center in ongoing national, regional, and local conversations. If your institution would like to discuss how to engage its board in this vital work, please call (202) 296-8400 or email



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