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Briefs and Research

Higher education is a complex industry facing unique challenges that are not widely understood by the general public.

Whether you’re seeking information on business models, public perceptions of higher education, or how to talk about the return on investment in higher education for individuals and society at large, these resources can help.

Guardians Information Briefs

The Business of Higher Education
This briefing includes overviews of today's higher education business model, pricing, and costs, as well as information on how best to discuss a few key propositions about higher education.

Return on Investment in College Education
This briefing includes information on how to calculate college ROI, historical views of ROI, contemporary evidence of ROI, and supporting data.


The Promise of Higher Education
This briefing offers information on contemporary endeavors at colleges and universities to reimagine educational programs to meet the changing needs of students and society.


Public Confidence in Higher Education
This briefing offers measurements of public confidence and advice on how board members can work to bolster or improve public conceptions of higher education.


The AGB Trustee Index

The AGB 2017 Trustee Index is the first in a series of three annual surveys, conducted by Gallup under the direction of AGB, to assess trustee perspectives on the state of higher education.

Trusteeship Radio Podcast

The Trusteeship Radio podcast provides perspective on the issues facing the nation's universities and colleges. Through insider insight and expert analysis, this podcast helps leaders in this vital sector advance the public trust in higher education.

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