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Complimentary Webinar: Fiscal Sustainability in Higher Ed: Cost Containment and Realignment Strategies and Solutions

How can you conduct a university self-assessment to identify key opportunities to improve your university’s fiscal health? This webinar explores the processes and strategies of cost realignment and containment to ensure fiscal sustainability.

06 June 2018

Complimentary Webinar: Developing and Managing Advisory Councils in Higher Education

Faced with growing challenges, presidents and deans need the advice and support of volunteer leaders beyond the governing board.

07 June 2018

Complimentary Webinar: Business Model Transformation for Colleges and Universities

Growing and diversifying revenue is critical to the short and long-term fiscal sustainability and healthy functioning of any higher education institution, but it is often more difficult to grow revenues than it is to reduce expenses. This webinar will look at models being developed by AGBIS staff and consultants that drive growth through our three-step methodology and will also identify ways your institution can utilize these practices to sustainably grow revenue.

11 June 2018

Webinar: Board Technology A to Z

Join us for an interactive, engaging webinar on board technology with insights and tips that can maximize the efficiency of your board meetings and operations.

12 June 2018

Webinar: Assessing Board Performance

All boards should engage in meaningful assessment to identify areas of concern, strengthen their performance, and continually educate and renew themselves. Assessing the quality of the board demonstrates accountability and effective leadership. This interactive webinar will focus on the various assessment methods available to help participants prepare for a board assessment, use feedback to identify and address trouble spots, and implement an action plan to improve effectiveness.

28 June 2018


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