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Institute for Board Leaders and Chief Executives of Public Universities and Systems

April 13 - 14, 2019
Orlando, FL

Since it was founded by board chairs of state universities in 1921, AGB has prioritized assistance to board leaders and chief executives in ensuring their essential partnership is healthy and up to the challenges of the day. Public higher education today must be at once responsive, anticipatory, reliable, and durable in navigating dynamic environments. Please join us this spring for a program dedicated to the imperative of "leadership in changing environments."

Facilitated group sessions provide best practices in governance and elicit effective strategies from fellow participants, while team meetings between chief executives and board leaders and one-on-one consultations allow participants to focus on shared work back home.

Participant teams enjoy a dedicated, well-structured one-and-a-half day program to:

  • develop shared understandings of mutual and respective responsibilities
  • gain clarity together on what effectiveness looks like
  • develop a governance action plan to strengthen the board and address high-level challenges

Expert-led discussions allow participants to learn from others, developing a network of peers they can draw upon after the Institute concludes. Key to the experience is the team time for board leaders and chief executives to work together, collaborating on ideas for moving their boards and universities forward.

Program Faculty:

  • Fran Albrecht, chair, Montana University System Board of Regents
  • Anthony Barbar, chair, Florida Atlantic Board of Trustees
  • R. Barbara Gitenstein, president emerita, The College of New Jersey
  • Terrence MacTaggart, former chancellor, University of Maine System and Minnesota State Colleges & Universities

Sample Agenda (subject to change)

Day One
Saturday, April 13

7:30 am

8:00 am
Welcome and Setting the Stage

  • Program overview
  • Participants’ expectations for the Institute

8:45 am 
Module One: Effectiveness in Leadership

  • Roles and responsibilities
    • fiduciary responsibilities of the board
    • major responsibilities of the chief executive
    • special responsibilities of the board chair
      • who does what and when?
  • Building effectiveness in a politically structured body

10:15 am 

10:30 am 
Module One continued: Mutual Expectations of the Chief Executive and Board Leaders

  • Engendering trust in the relationship
  • What is expected of one another to assure mutual success

11:15 am 
Moderated Panel Discussion: Ensuring Accountability—Assessing Board and Chief Executive Performance

12:00 pm

1:00 pm 
Team meeting #1 (structured planning time)

2:00 pm 
Module Two: Leading in an Environment of Change

  • Identifying key risks and strategic challenges for public higher education
  • Break-out discussions
    • crisis leadership in a risk-averse culture
    • anticipating a crisis

3:45 pm 
Team meeting #2 (structured planning time)

5:00 pm 

5:30 pm 
Adjourn for the day

6:30 pm 

Day 2
Sunday, April 14

7:30 am 

8:00 am 
Setting the Stage: A New Day

8:30 am 
Module 3: Chief Executive and Chair Communication with the Full Board

  • Building a positive board culture
  • Board ownership of its agenda
  • Developing a board culture of innovation

10:00 am 
Team meeting #3 (structured planning time)

11:15 am 
Closing the Loop

12:00 pm 
Adjournment and Optional Lunch

AGB National Conference begins at 4:30 p.m.



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