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Webinar: Strategies to Address Shared Governance Challenges in the 21st Century

30 January 2018

1:30-2:30 pm ET

One of higher education’s most distinctive values is its commitment to shared governance—in which governing boards hold ultimate authority for an institution, presidents are charged with institutional leadership, and faculty are charged with educational design and delivery. Shared governance is a fundamental principle of inclusion in key areas of institutional responsibility and decision making. Yet, for some institutions, their shared governance models may be weakened or fraught with challenges. Still for other institutions, key actors have simply not taken stock of their current shared governance model to ensure that their approaches and policies comprise a vehicle capable of carrying the institution forward.  Consider the following scenarios:

  • A women’s college needs to develop new policy regarding transgender student admissions.
  • A comprehensive state university has the opportunity to create a satellite site to boost enrollment.

How might shared governance play an important role in these kinds of decisions? This fall, AGB’s Board of Directors released a new Statement on Shared Governance that provides guidance for how institutions can revitalize their shared governance policies and practices. In this webinar, participants will learn about this new guidance and will hear from two senior board professionals about how their institutions made shared governance a strength in addressing complex issues and what lessons those experiences may hold. The webinar will also include discussion of the roles that other senior administrators and staff play in shared governance.


  • Andrew Lounder, Director of Special Projects, AGB


  • Susan Davenport, Executive Vice President and Chief of Staff, Stockton University
  • Alyssa Schiffman, Secretary to the Board of Trustees, Barnard College

All AGB webinars are recorded. A copy of the recording will be provided to all registered participants 24-48 hours after the live webinar.



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