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Webinar: Restructuring or Consolidating State Higher Education Systems: Principles and Lessons Learned

30 November 2018

1:00-2:00 pm ET

From Oklahoma to New Mexico, North Dakota to West Virginia and beyond, public higher education leaders and state policymakers have closely examined college and university governance structures in recent years. Some have mandated reviews or proposed legislation to change the oversight of public higher education. Others have explored redefining statutory or constitutional bodies that determine policy for public colleges and universities. In still other cases, governing board leaders and system executives themselves have launched extensive review processes resulting in campus consolidations and other far-reaching institutional and administrative changes.

This interactive webinar will illustrate the principles from the recent AGB State Policy Brief, “Guidelines for Reviewing State Higher Education Governance Structures,” with real-world examples drawn from several recent statewide reviews and initiatives. The webinar will also look at one university system’s experience with institutional consolidations. Participants will have an opportunity to explore:

  • What are the contributing factors—politics, demographics, program duplication, cost concerns—and is restructuring really the solution?
  • Are the issues or challenges to be addressed about people or structure?
  • What are the best ways to strengthen state policy leadership in support of affordable postsecondary education opportunities for the largest number of high school graduates and adults returning to college?


  • Merrill Schwartz, senior vice president, AGB Consulting


  • John Fuchko, vice chancellor for organizational effectiveness, University System of Georgia
  • Terrence MacTaggart, senior fellow, AGB; chancellor emeritus, University System of Maine
  • Richard Novak, senior fellow, AGB


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