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Webinar: Assessing Board Performance

28 June 2018

1:30 - 2:30 pm ET

Board assessment helps strengthen relationships, build trust, and improve individual and organizational effectiveness. It provides boards with an opportunity to step back from the preoccupations of regular board business, candidly review their performance, and develop action steps to reinforce the work of the board.

A board assessment can help establish:

  • A clearer understanding of the board’s primary roles and core responsibilities.
  • Consensus on specific objectives and plans to improve board organization and performance.
  • A better working relationship between the board and the chief executive.
  • A renewed sense of commitment to the institution’s mission and purpose. 
  • More productive board meetings.
  • A commitment to expectations for personal philanthropy.

Participants in this webinar will learn several ways to conduct a board assessment, including using a board assessment survey and board member interviews. Participants will also learn how to maximize the findings from the board assessment for strengthening board member performance.


  • Merrill Schwartz, senior vice president, AGB Consulting


  • Theodore E. Long, president emeritus, Elizabethtown College; senior consultant, AGB


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