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Webinar: A Pragmatic Approach to Strategic Planning for Institutional Foundations

18 October 2018

3:00-4:00 pm ET

Strategic planning poses special challenges for those foundations that are not wholly autonomous and/or whose organizational, investment, fundraising, and operational priorities are largely informed by institutional objectives. Traditional strategic planning models assume an abundance of time, money, and human resources and therefore may not be appropriate for many institutionally related foundations. This webinar will touch on approaches to planning, clarification of mission, and strategic intent, with a focus on alignment between the foundation and the institution. Please join the leadership of Georgia College and Georgia College Foundation and learn from their recent experience in the strategic alignment exercise.


  • George P. Watt, former executive vice president, Institutional Advancement; executive director, College of Charleston Foundation; senior fellow, AGB


  • Monica Delisa, vice president for university advancement, Georgia College
  • Dr. Steve Dorman, president, Georgia College


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