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Complimentary Workshop: Revenue Growth and Partnerships/Affiliations

November 13 - 14, 2018
Washington, DC

Please join AGB November 13-14 for two complimentary workshops at the Washington Hilton in Washington, DC. Day 1 is a deep dive into the practical elements of affiliation and partnerships, with an emphasis on strategies and considerations for leaders and boards. Day 2 focuses on revenue growth and strategies for diversification linked to current top trends in higher education. You may attend one, or both, of the workshops.

The workshops aim to develop and enhance knowledge and practical skills using case studies and interactive discussions with goal of moving your institution to action. The workshops are free; participants are responsible for their own travel/lodging costs. Complimentary breakfast and lunch are provided on both days.

Space is limited, so please RSVP to guarantee a spot. The RSVP cutoff deadline is October 31, 2018. For more information please contact Chris Moloney, senior consulting associate, at 202-776-0868, or email

Workshop Leaders:

  • Rick Beyer, managing principal, AGB Institutional Strategies
  • Jim Hundrieser, Associate Managing Principal, AGB Institutional Strategies

Details at a Glance:

  • Two free workshops. Attend one or both days for interactive, action-oriented discussions.
  • Topics covered include revenue growth/diversification strategies that have high ROI; how to conduct a situational assessment; how to perform and leverage quality of earnings and prosperity gap analyses; the continuum of integration; details of affiliation/partnership transactions; engaging in board discussions; and much more.
  • Participants are responsible for travel and lodging costs.
  • Complimentary continental breakfast/lunch provided.

Workshop Day 1 Agenda: Partnerships, affiliations, and other long-term strategic opportunities

Higher education is not immune to the events that have historically impacted other industries. Colleges and universities that cannot adapt or innovate within the current industry climate will face significant challenges and risks, including the possibility of closure. As more colleges and universities consider ways to lower costs or create a stronger future, affiliating, merging, acquiring, or partnering with another or multiple institution(s) or corporate partners may be the best way to ensure long-term prosperity. This one-day workshop will:

  • Provide a situational assessment of the higher education industry and link industry trends to the landscape around partnerships and affiliations.
  • Explore various options available to both strong and challenged institutions reviewing a continuum of integration from strategic partnerships to mergers.
  • Identify key steps in the process of becoming affiliation ready, including the role of the board, how to perform a quality of earnings analysis, calculate your institution’s financial prosperity gap, and how to use that data to inform decisions.
  • Provide answers to critical questions, such as:
    • Why partner?
    • What is financial exigency? 
    • What value is there to outsourcing services?
    • How would we partner with another institution rather than close?
    • What are decisions needed before entering a partnership?

8:30 am—Complimentary Breakfast

10:00 am—Welcome & Introductions

10:15 am—Situational Assessment of Higher Education—Factors and trends influencing our need for potential partnerships, mergers, acquisitions, and/or affiliations.

10:45 am—Navigating the Future—Ways to begin to navigate the process through a lens of a “prosperous institution;” options open to strong and weak institutions; quality of earnings; prosperity gap.

11:15 am—Break

11:30 am—Mergers and Consolidations—Understanding the Continuum of Integration

12:30 pm—Complimentary Working Lunch—Table or team discussions about affiliating, merging, acquiring, or partnering with another or multiple institution(s) and board involvement

1:30 pm—Focused In-depth Discussion on Process—Research, Exploring Potentials Deals, Time-Frame, Term Sheets, Decision Points

3:00 pm—Next Steps—Considerations to be made before making any decisions and the importance of board engagement

3:30 pm—Questions and Conclude for the Day

Key Outcomes/Takeaways from Day 1:

This session is designed to be interactive and provide a deep dive into the reasons to consider affiliating, merging, acquiring, or partnering with another or multiple institution(s) corporate partners. Participants should bring questions and be prepared to discuss specific strategies with the facilitators and each other.

Workshop Day 2 Agenda: Strategies for growing and diversifying your revenue

The changing competitive landscape presents challenges for colleges and universities across the country. Institutions are struggling to match revenues with expenditures, while simultaneously trying to cope with lower net revenue per student, rising costs, evolving consumer behaviors, and shifting student demographics. This workshop:

  • Explores the situational assessment of higher education and key trends impacting institutions of all types.
  • Focuses on strategies to grow or diversify your institution’s revenue and build in operational changes to increase productivity and lower cost.
  • Utilizes case studies that exemplify how to develop and implement growth strategies and new initiatives.

Participants will engage in interactive sessions discussing specific strategies and approaches to that will build a positive return on investment (ROI). Approaches shared have an opportunity to increase revenue and add a competitive advantage to position your institution positioning it for long-term prosperity.

Key Outcomes/Takeaways from Day 2:

Participants will leave this sessions with an understanding of the ways by which institutions can strategically grow and diversify their revenues. Be able to link the macro trends shaping higher education with their institution’s unique situation and determine how to leverage their institutional missions to implement new business models and bring these strategies to their own institutions.

8:00 am—Complimentary Breakfast

10:00 am—Welcome & Introductions

10:15 am—Discovery Session – Situational Assessment of your institutions current state aligned with current trends and innovations.

11:15 am—Break

11:30 am—Exploration—Creating strategies that focus on Return on Investment (ROI) that align with current trends and institutional mission and strategic priorities.

12:30 pm—Complimentary Working Lunch—Cost analysis of current programs and services.

1: 30 pm—Implementation—Building models and key assumptions that focus on long-term institutional prosperity

3:00 pm—Next Steps—Specific action items to more towards institutional change and revenue growth

3:30 pm—Questions and Conclude for the Day



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