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Complimentary Webinar: What Board Members Need to Know About Cybersecurity

15 March 2018

2:00-3:00pm ET

Institutions of higher education manage a high volume and variety of personal information, including education records, financial aid and account information, payment data, health information, and government data. As a result of the breadth and nature of business operations at higher education institutions, as well as the number of faculty, staff, students, and alumni located in many states and countries, institutions are subject to a variety of legal and regulatory compliance requirements for data protection.

It is critical for board members to understand how their institutions have implemented and are maintaining a sustainable and adaptable cybersecurity program that will protect the institution’s data, systems, and constituents.

After hearing from two of the three authors of AGB Press' forthcoming publication, What Board Members Need to Know About Cybersecurity, attendees will:

  • Understand the impact of new/changing cybersecurity and information privacy requirements, as well as evolving threats.
  • Recognize key questions to ask leadership about how these new requirements and threats impact their institutions and how effective the cybersecurity program is for addressing these items.
  • Learn leading practice strategies for cybersecurity programs from higher education practitioners.


  • Michael Cullen, cybersecurity and IT risk senior manager, Baker Tilly


  • Michael Hites, chief information officer, Southern Methodist University
  • George Finney, chief information security officer, Southern Methodist University
  • Nilu Shroff, chief audit and compliance officer, Princeton University

    Webinar attendees will receive a special discount code for AGB Press' forthcoming What Board Members Need to Know About Cybersecurity, sponsored by Baker Tilly, upon its release this spring.

Many thanks to the generous support of our sponsor, Baker Tilly



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