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Complimentary Webinar: Campus Philanthropy—Transformational Fundraising and Top of the Pyramid Initiatives

27 August 2018

2:00pm-3:00pm ET

Traditional paradigms of American higher education fund raising have moved from institutional needs toward investor aspirations. In this free webinar, AGBIS panelists will address the narrow niche of gift initiatives that exhibit transformative qualities for individual colleges or universities, life-changing possibilities for individual beneficiaries, and a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment for investors. This unique market segment generally understands the dilemma facing today’s higher education business model and many are willing to support creative initiatives and strategies which promise and support long-term growth and prosperity for the institution.

Learning outcomes for this webinar include:

  • Surveying the relevant landscape of gift-giving paradigms in higher education, as well as their recent evolution
  • General understanding of the key to unlocking the top 2% of donations
  • Best practices for introducing the topic to your executive team and governing board


Chris Moloney, senior consulting associate, AGB Institutional Strategies


Jim Lanier, senior fellow, AGB Institutional Strategies



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