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Webinar: The Debate over Freedom of Speech on Campus: Distinct Challenges for Public and Private Institutions

28 September 2017

1:30-2:45pm ET

Freedom of speech on campus has recently received significant attention due to headline-grabbing incidents that have become more frequent. Widely shared agreement among institutional stakeholders as to the fundamental value of the First Amendment doesn’t, however, seem to create cohesion in reactions to such events. Members of a campus community may object to speech they find offensive or threatening and assert their right to be free from exposure to it on a campus that values inclusion and civility. The issues are complicated, and competing tensions on many campuses require proactive engagement by institutional leaders and governing boards.

How do institutions respond to these issues – and what are the roles of the board and other institutional leaders in creating a safe environment for all students? In this webinar, participants will hear from three institutional leaders (two presidents and a general counsel) about how their campuses are addressing these issues. Participants will also learn about the recommendations offered in AGB’s new white paper, Freedom of Speech on Campus: Guidelines for Governing Boards and Institutional Leaders.  


  • Jonathan R. Alger, president, James Madison University 


  • George Waldner, president emeritus, York College
  • Walter Kimbrough, president, Dillard University
  • Lee Tyner, general counsel, University of Mississippi


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