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Webinar: Shared Governance: Changing with the Times

24 April 2017

3:00 – 4:15 p.m. EDT

Shared governance is one of the basic tenets of higher education, and yet there is considerable evidence that it is not generally well-understood by its primary participants—faculty members, presidents, and members of boards of trustees. With support from the Teagle Foundation, AGB has conducted new research to learn how the practice of shared governance is changing, as well as how enduring principles might be upheld. Leading experts will discuss the implications of select findings in this webinar.

Topics of the webinar will include:

A brief introduction to the tradition of shared governance in the U.S.

A greater understanding of how shared governance is changing:

  • Issues of authority and accountability
  • Aligning structures with goals
  • Breaking down knowledge silos
  • Special challenges and opportunities

Examination of the question of how to make shared governance an asset in colleges and universities today.


  • David E. Maxwell, president emeritus, Drake University; former president, Whitman College; Trustee, Grinnell College
  • Steven C. Bahls, president, Augustana College
  • Susan Whealler Johnston, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, AGB; Member, Radford University Board of Visitors; Trustee, Rollins College


  • Andy Lounder, director of special projects, AGB


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