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Webinar: Let's Talk About Value: How to Become an Advocate for Higher Ed

12 October 2017

2:30-3:45 pm ET

The skepticism facing the sector today demands a response from the country’s nearly 50,000 governing board members. That is why AGB has launched The Guardians Initiative: Reclaiming the Public Trust™—to harness the knowledge and passion of the nation’s trustees and foster informed, dedicated and effective advocacy for American higher education.

This webinar features a discussion on some of the most pressing critiques against higher education. It also offers practical advice on becoming an effective advocate, both as a trustee or board member of an institution, and as a steward of the sector more broadly.


  • Kevin Reilly, senior fellow, AGB; president emeritus, University of Wisconsin System


  • Sandy Baum, fellow, The Urban Institute; trustee, Bryn Mawr College
  • Erin Hennessy, vice president, TVP Communications


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