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Strengthening Shared Governance: A Road Map to Success

30 October 2017
Chicago, Illinois

10:00 am – 3:00 pm CT

Shared governance has an essential and constructive role to play in the future of higher education. When functioning well, it ensures that the academic mission is met with rigor, students receive a high-quality education, and the institution can afford the academic programs it offers. When shared governance breaks down, decisions are made and implemented to the detriment of mission, presidents and boards are subject to votes of no confidence, and institutional progress grinds to a halt.

Join AGB for this workshop to examine how shared governance functions at your institution, and to learn best practices on how to maintain a healthy working relationship between faculty, presidents, and board members.  Through this workshop you will take away tangible actions and approaches for use in your own institution.

Board members and presidents are encouraged to attend together.  Key administrators or faculty trustees may also be interested in attending, so that as a team, they can identify opportunities and obstacles to ensuring the effectiveness of shared governance processes into the future.


  • Steven C. Bahls, president, Augustana College
  • R. Barbara Gitenstein, president, The College of New Jersey

*Subject to change

9:00 am                 
Registration Opens

10:00 am              
Welcome and Refreshments: Briefing on AGB’s Guardians Initiative

10:30 am              
What Is Shared Governance? 

11:00 am              
Group exercise - What is the culture of shared governance at my institution?

12:00 pm             
Luncheon and continued group discussion

Group Debrief

1:15 pm                
Best Practices and Case Studies – Getting from where we are to where we need to be

2:45 pm                
Debrief and wrap up

3:00 pm                
Meeting adjourned



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