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New Business Models for Higher Education: A Focus on Prosperity in a Challenging Competitive Environment

20 February 2017
Los Angeles, California

9:00 am - 3:00 pm

The change in higher education's competitive landscape has become a challenge for colleges and universities across the country. Institutions struggle to match revenues with expenditures, while simultaneously trying to cope with lower net revenue per student, rising labor costs, evolving consumer behaviors, and shifting student demographics. As a result, institutions are forced to address critical business model issues. Governing boards, as the fiduciaries of the institution, have an opportunity to lead in this area by partnering with the administration to address key business model issues.

Join AGB for this workshop that provides board members and administrators with insights their institutions need to prosper in a time of uncertainty. Sessions at the workshop will address such topics as:

  • Innovations taking place outside of the academy walls
  • Institutional financial statements with a focus on quality of performance
  • Funding models
  • Revenue growth initiatives and planning
  • Developing institutional plans for investments of sustainability

Board leaders and administrators are encouraged to attend together, so that as a team they can gain new insights into the macro trends shaping higher education; understand the rapid pace of change of innovation outside of the academy; acquire alternative strategies for revenue growth; and, develop a strategy and framework to return to their institutions for additional consideration and discussion for engagement on campus.

9:00 am

10:15 am

10:20 am
Competitive Landscape of Higher Education
A focused look at the competition for today’s traditional and non-traditional students and ideas for ways your institution can focus its priorities to attract, retain, and graduate its students.

11:15 am
Macro Trends
A review the of the macro trends facing higher education today and the impact each of these trends will have on your institution’s future.

12:30 pm
Innovations Occurring Outside of the Academy (Working Lunch)
What is your institution learning from these innovations and how is your institution using these innovations to change practices?

1:15 pm
New Business Models
Discussion about revenue growth opportunities; importance of realistic strategic plans; linkage of strategic planning with fiscal and revenue plans; academic prioritization; integration/importance of technology assets.

2:30 pm
Key Metrics Boards Should Monitor
Trustees should review indicators that monitor educational quality as well as financial performance in their dashboards. Cooperating in the process of developing and regularly reviewing dashboard indicators can help the board engage with administrators and keep the institution's evolving priorities aligned with emerging trends and business models.

3:00 pm




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