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Complimentary Webinar: Transformative Fundraising: Top of Pyramid Initiatives

26 October 2017

2:00-3:00 ET

Our goal is to assist institutions and foundations in successfully engaging a special group of donors/partners—the top 2% in serious conversations about million-dollar plus gifts to support institutional mission and aspiration. To achieve this level of interaction, institutions must be able to offer investment opportunities that have a look and feel different from the typical donor request.

This webinar, sponsored by AGB Institutional Strategies, explores methods and models for attracting the top 2% of donors who can make million-dollar-plus gifts.  

Through this webinar, participants will discuss:

  • Urgency  
  • Transformative Planning  
  • Donor Strategy and the Case for Support
  • Execution – The Ask


  • Rick Beyer, managing principal, AGB Institutional Strategies
  • Jim Lanier, senior fellow, AGB Institutional Strategies

With generous thanks to our sponsor



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