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Complimentary Webinar: Serving All Students: Increasing Revenue through Diversified Enrollment Strategies

23 October 2017

3:30-4:30 pm ET 

Enrollment for traditional-aged students is predicted to remain relatively flat, while the adult-student population will increase. This webinar will explore strategies for institutions to diversify their enrollment portfolio to support and attract more age-diverse learners.

Millions of individuals have attended some college but have not completed a degree. Additionally, recent data suggests that an increasing number of 25-to-34 year-olds without any college credits are interested in attending college, but are struggling to find affordable and accessible pathways.

This webinar, in conjunction with AGB Institutional Strategies, will discuss:

  • Why institutions need to diversify their enrollment portfolio
  • How institutions can support more age-diverse learners
  • Implementation strategies to meet diversified enrollment needs


  • Rick Beyer, managing principal, AGB Institutional Strategies
  • Mark Rubinstein, president, Granite State College


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