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Complimentary Webinar: How to Optimize Your Investment Committee Governance Practices

06 November 2017

2:00-3:15pm ET

The spiraling cost of higher education, and declining public support, have made endowment growth essential for institutional survival. And good governance is essential to achieve that growth. Too often, however, the importance of sound investment governance is overlooked, and this neglect compounds the risks inherent to investing.

Based on AGB's latest book, Endowment Management for Higher Education, this webinar will provide practical, straightforward recommendations for successful investment committee governance, which include:     

  • Clearly delineating and documenting the role and authority of all key parties involved in management of the endowment
  • Choosing the chair of the committee carefully
  • Preserving institutional memory
  • Ensuring open and regular communication with other key members of the institution
  • Establishing requirements for investment committee members


  • John S. Griswold, senior fellow, AGB; founder and senior advisor, Commonfund Institute


  • Nikki Kraus, CFA, managing director, global head of business development, Strategic Investment Group
  • David C. Saunders, chair of investment committee, University System of Maryland Foundation; co-founder and chief executive officer, K2 Advisors LLC

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