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Fostering Effective Fundraising: A Workshop for Boards and Staff of Public College and University Foundations

16 April 2016
Washington, D.C.

8:30 am-3:00 pm

Engaged board leadership is essential to effective fundraising. At this special workshop, held in conjunction with AGB's 2016 National Conference on Trusteeship, board members and staff of institutionally affiliated foundations are invited to share ideas and learn from national thought leaders on how to leverage the full philanthropic capacity of your foundation.

8:30-11:30 am
Successful Fundraising: Strategies for Public Institutions
In an effort to combat declining state appropriations and increasing costs as well as diversify revenue sources, fundraising is now crucial to many public institutions’ bottom lines. This session will discuss how institutions and affiliated foundations can work together to ensure alignment of institutional goals, messaging, and fundraising priorities. Additionally, the session will address how board members can effectively oversee and evaluate the institution’s fundraising program. Specific attention will be given to the benchmarks to use, questions to ask, and the roles and responsibilities for the board and its members in advocating, enabling, and participating in the success of the institution’s fundraising and donor engagement process.


  • Leslie Bram, former COO, University of Florida Foundation; senior consultant, AGB
  • Jim Lanier, former vice chancellor for institutional advancement & CEO, East Carolina University Foundation; senior fellow, AGB

11:45 am-12:45 pm
Luncheon Discussion: AGB Board Statement on Institution-Foundation Relationships

1:00-3:00 pm
Engaging Foundation Boards in Fundraising
Topics addressed will include:

  • The evolving role of foundations: Adding value where it matters most
  • Raising the bar for board fundraising: Setting expectations for board service, the special role of board leaders, board self-assessment, and board engagement plans
  • Looking beyond the board: Working with campus partners, building a volunteer pipeline, and serving as philanthropic ambassadors


  • David Bass, director of foundation programs and research, AGB


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