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AGB Consulting

Shared Governance

Shared governance is fundamental to American higher education. When working well, it promotes strong institutional planning, academic rigor, and innovation, but it can also become a platform for conflict rather than collaboration. Unclear roles, out-of-date policies and practices, and a lack of understanding exacerbate problems. As colleges and universities face increasing pressures, the practice of shared governance must evolve to reflect new realities.

Governing boards may find themselves in need of expert support and guidance when communication and decision-making processes break down—whether the breakdown is between the board and president, faculty, or the college community. High-stakes processes, such as a leadership transition, strategic planning, or a crisis of confidence, all rely on the chief executive and board to bring the campus together.

AGB Consulting can help with:

  • Orienting new board members to their roles and the culture of higher education.
  • Developing a common understanding of what shared governance means.
  • Developing guidelines for appropriate communication between board members, the president, cabinet members, faculty, and others.
  • Updating governance documents, policies, and handbooks and promoting best practices.
  • Speakers and workshops for boards on the responsibilities of boards, chief executives, faculty, and staff.
  • Facilitators for campus committees to discuss, develop, and enhance shared governance practices.
  • Supporting the governance committee in developing an annual work plan and fulfilling its charge.
  • Facilitating conversations about academic freedom and appropriate policies.
  • Strategies and advice for responding to conflicts and crises of confidence.
  • Leadership coaching for chief executives, board chairs, chief academic officers, and  others.

Please consult our staff to share your specific needs and to discuss how to address them.



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