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AGB Consulting

Leadership Advisory Services and Coaching

Presidents, board chairs, and other key administrators may benefit from a professional consulting relationship to enhance their leadership skills and effectiveness. Starting with a face-to-face assessment meeting, the consultant and client develop a schedule for calls and agreed-upon goals. Honest, insightful feedback and the resources of an experienced consultant can uncover new solutions, confidence, and approaches.

The process for Leadership Advisory Services is as follows:

  • To initiate a coaching relationship, an in-person meeting is scheduled to discuss goals and to agree on an approach. To inform the coaching relationship through a well-rounded picture of the institution and the client, the consultant will also meet with other key people as recommended by the client and may request to review documents.
  • After these initial meetings, the consultant provides a proposed work plan, outlining his or her assessment of the goals and a recommendation for the frequency of calls or in-person meetings. This is an opportunity to assure everyone's expectations are aligned.
  • AGB recommends a schedule of two calls per month for the first three months. Our standard procedures are based on telephone conversations, but we leave it up to the client and the consultant to decide whether they would like to meet in person or by phone.
  • At the end of three months, the consultant will meet with the client to reassess his or her needs and will discuss an appropriate schedule for the next three months. These services can continue as long as desired or can be terminated at any time. There is no required minimum number of hours.

AGB's leadership advisory services are confidential. Any conversations with the client and the consultant are privileged between participants. It is up to the client whether the coach meets with anyone else regarding these services. Confidentiality is an essential principle to establish a good working relationship for these services.

Please consult our staff to share your specific needs and to discuss how to address them.



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