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AGB Consulting

Educational Quality and Student Success

At the heart of a board's responsibilities is oversight of educational quality and student-learning outcomes at the university or college it governs. This AGB service allows boards and academic affairs committees to explore effective policies and practices that improve student-learning outcomes.

Experienced higher education leaders and board members with specialized training will work with the board or academic affairs committee. Utilizing a custom-developed assessment tool, AGB consultants will gauge board awareness and develop a plan featuring workshops, policy development, and longer-term consultation on enhancing shared governance and board, administration, and faculty relations.

Through this work, the board will:

  • Make the case for board oversight of educational quality and student success.
  • Gain an understanding of roles, responsibilities, relationships, and expectations among the board, its academic affairs committee, the president, the chief academic officer, and the faculty.
  • Understand the board's role in program review and accreditation.
  • Develop metrics for and evidence of quality and success that will inform board decisions in resource allocation, strategy, and capital improvements.
  • Develop and sustain a culture of continuous quality improvement in student outcomes throughout the institution.

Trustees have an obligation to understand the quality of education students receive. Education—its quality and impact—isn't just mission-critical; it's the mission. Ensure your institution is on track by improving board oversight of student-learning outcomes.

AGB thanks Teagle Foundation for its support of our ongoing efforts to improve educational quality and student success. 

Please consult our staff to share your specific needs and to discuss how to address them.



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