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Comprehensive Presidential Assessment

The Comprehensive Presidential Assessment service guides boards, presidents, and chancellors in planning and conducting an extensive process that examines the relationship among presidential goals and performance, stakeholder engagement, and overall institutional success. The process is designed to facilitate an evaluation that ideally should take place every three to five years and builds on annual assessments of presidential performance. It might be timed to a contract renewal or to some other specific benchmark. This essential exercise is valuable for the institution's entire leadership, governing board, and broader community.

The Comprehensive Presidential Assessment is conducted by AGB consultants who are seasoned educational leaders, including former college and university chief executives and board members with experience working with the full range of types of institutions. AGB works with an institution's leadership to determine the consultant best-suited to the project. A typical assessment extends over three or four months.

The AGB consultant works with the assessment committee, the president or chancellor, and the board chair to implement a series of activities, including:

  • Determining goals for the evaluation in relation to the institution's mission and priorities;
  • Tailoring both the criteria and the methods of evaluation to the needs of the institution and its leadership;
  • Developing a timetable and process appropriate for the institution, board, and chief executive officer;
  • Identifying and gathering stakeholders whose comments and participation are needed;
  • Providing comprehensive reports to the chief executive officer and board leadership; and
  • Making recommendations for presidential (and board) development, as well as articulating goals and priorities for the institution's future.

The AGB Comprehensive Presidential Assessment produces a variety of outcomes, including:

  • Providing multi-source evaluation. The assessment documents and synthesizes feedback on the effectiveness of presidential leadership from a variety of sources, including individual members of the board, representatives of the faculty, administration, students, alumni, and the community. For some institutions, these sources may also include local legislators and public officials.
  • Building relationships. The assessment expands the board's knowledge of the president's work with input from a variety of sources, including some it might not otherwise encounter, and provides a powerful means of monitoring the institution's progress in meeting strategic goals.
  • Clarifying strategic goals. The assessment synchronizes important institutional documents, statements, and commitments; contributes to the continuing development of strategic and integral leadership; tests emerging strategic goals; and clarifies priorities for the future.
  • Strengthening governance. The assessment provides the board and all participants with insights into the effectiveness of the institution's methods of governance and systems of decision making, including ways they might be improved.

The Presidential and Board Assessment Service

When presidents and boards work together in a collaborative and complimentary way, there is very little that can’t be done. The Presidential and Board Assessment service combines a Board Performance Assessment and a Comprehensive Presidential Assessment.

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