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AGB Consulting

Board Development

Board development services are designed to help boards and key administrators solve problems and achieve a higher level of performance by focusing on fundamental governance issues. Through board presentations, workshops, and longer-term engagements, AGB’s consultants work with the president, board chair, cabinet, and governance committee to identify goals, develop a strategy for improving performance, and a plan for implementation. 

Engage our consultants on any of these popular board development topics:

  • Strengthening board culture by enhancing engagement, trust, respect, and a commitment to inquiry and inclusion;
  • Understanding the scope and the limits of the board’s roles and responsibilities and  fiduciary duties of care, loyalty, and obedience; 
  • Building an effective working relationship between the board and president through mutually agreed-upon goals and a framework of support and accountability;
  • Building a more strategic board by focusing time and attention on consequential issues and work that is uniquely the board’s purview;
  • Establishing the right committee structure and empowering committees to do important work and bring recommendations to the full board for action;
  • Recruiting and strategically cultivating board members through needs assessment, succession planning, and systematic leadership development;
  • Developing a well-organized board orientation program to ensure effective board and individual performance and transition new members onto the board; or
  • Staying current on top strategic issues and the culture and business of higher education.

Please consult our staff to share your specific needs and to discuss how to address them.



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