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AGB Consulting

AGB Consulting

Higher education institutions rely on board members and key administrators for sound direction. But where do these leaders find guidance when faced with major changes, challenges, and crises?

The experts at AGB Consulting leverage higher education expertise and knowledge of current and emerging industry trends to:

  • Advise boards on critical decisions
  • Develop innovative financial strategies
  • Improve institutional and system governance
  • Build stronger business models

Our team comprises senior-level higher education veterans, board members, and subject matter experts backed by AGB staff and resources—including AGB publications, research, and best practices. With nearly 100 years of experience and insight, we assist higher education with solutions for business strategy, governance, and leadership development challenges.

Our Guiding Principles

AGB Consulting assists boards and institutional leaders in their efforts to have the right people, focused on the right priorities, with the right relationships and business strategies. To this end, we help them:

  • Focus on issues of greatest consequence to their institution. By concentrating on what matters most, engaged boards and leaders can ensure long-term financial viability and institutional sustainability while anticipating change.
  • Assess and improve. Long-term prosperity demands a commitment to evaluating and assessing board and institutional performance. High-performing institutions and boards ask strategic questions related to institutional goals, performance, revenue growth and diversification, and other key areas. AGB consultants provide solutions for improvement aligned with the trends impacting higher education.   
  • Understand their role. To fulfill their responsibilities as fiduciaries, board members must grasp the principles of shared governance the difference between governing and managing, and the importance of transparency and accountability in serving their institutions and working with senior institutional leaders.

The AGB Consulting Process

AGB Consulting works with you to develop a customized, collaborative, multi-phase approach to achieve your institution’s goals. Our steps include:

1. Understanding your board and institution through diagnostic and exploration phases

  • Identify goals, needs, timeline and scope of work
  • Develop communication protocols and meeting schedules to keep key constituencies and stakeholders informed
  • Gather and review metrics, reports and other data
  • Construct financial models, identify strategic growth building blocks and/or governance and organizational structure improvements

2.  Developing customized strategy and initiatives that enhance long-term prosperity and success

  • Identify actions or initiatives that can improve board governance or the institutional business model, along with obstacles, risks, and investment needs
  • Prepare and deliver comprehensive reports and presentations to board and/or institutional leaders and other key constituencies
  • Create and present a clear, actionable implementation plan

3. Ensuring lasting success

  • If desired, provide implementation support to ensure accountability in[SH1]  operational execution
  • Plan consultant follow-up and/or administer post-project survey to measure results/satisfaction among board members
  • Support efforts with robust AGB member benefits and services

Learn more about how AGB Consulting can support the success of your board and institution. Contact us today at (202)776-0865 or  



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