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Concierge FAQs

How do I update my institution’s roster?

 Send a message to with your most recent board list.  Or, if you prefer to make edits to your current roster, you can email us for a copy of your institution's listing.  We will send you a PDF, you can make changes to that document directly and then send back to AGB via email ( or hard mail.
AGB Membership Department
1133 20th Street NW Suite 300
Washington, DC 20036

Several times per year, the AGB membership team will also send reminders to member institutions to update their board list. We prefer to receive these updates by email or mail rather than over the phone to ensure your data is entered accurately.

How do I update my mailing address?

Send a message to to update your AGB record with your new mailing address. We recommend you also copy the representative at your institution that handles board activities (i.e., the board professional), as they are usually AGB’s primary contact for coordinating information related to the AGB membership for your institution.

I am trying to register for a webinar/conference and am not being offered the member rate.

Please contact our registrar directly for assistance—via email at or phone 202-776-0840.



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