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Trustee Advocacy Network

The Trustee Advocacy Network leverages the talent, energy, and relationships of key members of higher education boards in order to address major policy issues. 

As higher education faces calls to change, board leaders—who, as fiduciaries, are ultimately accountable for the institutions they serve—bring an important voice to education policy and related conversations. Participation from board members can have a positive impact on new legislation, regulations, and policies.

Examples of issues where trustee voices are especially valuable include:

  • Federal standards for accreditation, cost controls, and reporting requirements
  • Campus safety and legislation addressing sexual assaults
  • Federal tax issues
  • Broad science policy and research
  • Federal budget and appropriations process

The network was reactivated in 2015, and members of the network work directly with AGB and are engaged judiciously and strategically in support of select public policy issues.



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