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AGB Board Professionals

The AGB Board Professionals, endorsed by AGB, facilitates and encourages educational and professional services and opportunities for board professionals from AGB member institutions. As a successor to the BPS Planning Committee and the Board Professional Leadership Group, the AGB Board Professionals continues to provide leadership for the annual Workshop for Board Professionals, held in conjunction with AGB's National Conference on Trusteeship.

The AGB Board Professionals promote membership in AGB and participation by board professionals in AGB programs and services for board professionals, and through AGB ensure regular communication with board professionals at AGB member institutions. In addition, the AGB Board Professionals periodically assess the professional development needs of board professionals and advise and work with AGB to address those needs through research, education, communication, and other programming.

There are three committees of the AGB Board Professionals: Executive, Programs, and Professional Development. Members of the AGB Board Professionals and its committees convene each year during the Workshop for Board Professionals and hold an annual planning meeting during the summer. Membership in the AGB Board Professionals group is reserved for and representative of board professionals from institutions that are members of AGB. Click here for guidelines for the group.

Officers and Executive Committee, 2016-2017

Irene Birrell, Chair
University Secretary, Western University (Canada)

Aristide Collins, Vice Chair
Vice President and Secretary of the University, George Washington University

Lorrie Kyle, Immediate Past Chair
Executive Director, Office of the President, Rollins College

Katie Herschede, Secretary
Executive Assistant and Secretary to the Board, Northern Kentucky University

Committee Membership, 2016-2017

Professional Development Committee

Mitzi Norton, Chair
Director, Office of the President, Adler University     

Rolanda Burney, Vice Chair
Interim Vice President of Student Affairs and Chief of Staff, Bennett College

Tina Montemayor, Vice Chair    
Assistant Secretary to the Board, University of Texas System       

Rick AmRhein    
Chief of Staff, Office of the President, Chief Information Officer, Valparaiso University   

Meg Evans    
Board Liaison, Portland State University Foundation

Heather Fehn    
Chief of Staff & Secretary, The College of New Jersey       

Maria “Lolin” Feliciano    
Executive Assistant, Board of Trustees, Calos Albizu University   

Paul Hegland    
Secretary of the Board of Trustees, Executive Director of Government and Professional Relations and Policy Administration, Carthage College   

Katie Herschede    
Chief of Staff, Widener University

Jennifer Nuetzi James    
Designated Federal Officer, Uniformed Services University   

Kathryn Lake    
Assistant to the President and Assistant Secretary to the Board, Kenyon College   

Julie Miller    
Secretary to the Board of Governors, University Secretary and Senior Executive Assistant to the President, Wayne State University   

Karen Monteleone    
Associate Director, Foundation Board Relations, University of Central Florida Foundation       

Geoff Pearson    
Chief Executive Assistant, McDaniel College       

Char Reed    
Vice President and University Secretary, Kent State  

Programs Committee

Carrie Warren, Chair
Paralegal & Assistant Secretary to the Board of Trustees, Metropolitan State University of Denver       

Brian Steeves, Vice Chair
Executive Director & Corporate Secretary, University of Minnesota       

Tina Holloway, Vice Chair
Director of Board Technology Services, University of Texas System   

Kai Swanson    
Special Assistant to the President, Augustana College       

Rian Curley    
Executive Assistant to the President, California Luthern University       

Chad Jordahl    
Assistant Vice President, Board Services, DePaul University       

Heather Link    
Associate Secretary of the Board of Trustees, Ohio State University   

Saletta Holloway    
Senior Vice President, Board of Trustees Relations and Protocol and Assistant Corporate Secretary, Meharry Medical College   

Johnna Ingham    
Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Alumni Relations and Development and Foundation Executive Director, University of Central Missouri

Karen Barrows    
Secretary & Chief of Staff, Rochester Institute of Technologies

Kimberly Dumpson    
Executive Vice President, University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Brian Jackson    
Chief Operating Officer, Stockton University, Atlantic City Campus   

Laurie Carter    
Project Manager and Board Liaison, Virginia Commonwealth

Caitlin Apigian    
Special Assistant to the Board of Trustees, Colorado College

Denise Nelson Nash    
Secretary of Board of Trustees, Scripps College  

Past Leaders of AGB Board Professionals and Outstanding Board Professionals

Recipients of AGB Board Professionals Special Recognition Award

2012:  Jeannie Phillips, University of Alaska

2010:  Artis Hampshire-Cowan, Howard University

2009: Linda Dixon, Tufts University

2007:  Leigh Trivette, University of California

Chairs of the AGB Board Professionals

2015-2016: Lorrie Kyle, Rollins College

2014-2015:  Anne Shaw, University of California

2013-2014:  Richard Riddell, Duke University

2012-2013: Charlene Reed, Kent State University

2011-2012: Beth Rice Hilliard, Kentucky Community and Technical College System

2010-2011: Heather Fehn, The College of New Jersey

2009-2010: Ann Cieslak, University of Minnesota

2008-2009: Louis Charpentier, University of Toronto

2007-2008: Richard Mersereau, Bowdoin College

Secretaries of the AGB Board Professionals

2015-2016: Katie Herschede, Northern Kentucky University

2013-2014: Julie Miller, Wayne State University

2011-2013: Steve Frieder, Marquette University

2007-2011: Anne Shaw, University of California



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