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Board Professionals

"Board professional" is an inclusive term for those staff members who provide critical support, planning, and coordination of important board functions. Their roles are as diverse in responsibilities as they are in titles—including assistant to the president, general counsel, secretary of the college, assistant secretary of the board, vice president, and chief of staff.

Nearly every governing board has a staff member who provides support, planning, and coordination of important board functions. They frequently wear many hats, and, though their work is often unheralded, it is critical to the success of the board. AGB recognizes the invaluable role board professionals play in fostering effective governance and has created programs, resources, and networks to help facilitate this essential work.

Stay Informed

  • Events & Programs
    Often, board professionals work as an office of one. Workshops, webinars, and meetings bring board professionals together on key topics of importance. The annual fall Professional Development Conference and spring Workshop for Board Professionals allow you to gather with peers who understand your day-to-day work.
  • Current and Knowledgeable Resources
    Through, board professionals have access to a range of articles, videos, reports, and other resources with the latest trends and issues affecting higher education. AGB University is an unparalleled tool for board basics, such as orientation and fiduciary duties. If you are new to the role or want to share resources with your board members, is your first stop on the road to good governance.

Stay Effective

  • Personal Solutions
    Your president and board chair will look to you for answers on a range of questions—-often they are uncommon and have no precedent. Personal consultation about specific issues is available to board chairs and presidents through AGB Consulting’s “Consultant-on-Call.” These hour-long calls can provide highly valuable counsel on day-to-day or time-critical circumstances for your board.
  • Just-in-Time Support
    Need more help? We’re glad you asked! AGB’s member concierge can provide more personalized help and answers to specific questions about AGB, either via email or through the chat function in the bottom right of your screen.

Stay Connected

  • AGB Board Professionals
    This volunteer organization of board professionals and for board professionals facilitates and encourages professional development. The group works with and advises AGB staff to address your needs through research, education, communication, and programming. The group plans periodic webinars and mini-roundtable conference calls for members; they are also responsible for planning the annual Workshop for Board Professionals held in conjunction with AGB’s National Conference on Trusteeship.
  • Ning for Board Professionals
    This private group, exclusive to AGB member board professionals, provides an opportunity to ask questions and share resources with your colleagues. As part of this community, board professionals develop a network of peers to get the answers they need quickly in this convenient and informal setting.

Take advantage of the resources available to board professionals as members of AGB; there are people, services, meetings and publications there to support you. You can get help planning a retreat, revamping new trustee orientation, drafting a conflict of interest disclosure form, and everything in between.



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