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How Does Higher Ed Help the Economy? By Driving Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

American colleges and universities make a powerful contribution to our economy as business incubators. Through their research activities, facilities, technology, and teaching, higher education...

Effective Enterprise Leadership

A growing number of college and university presidents are coming from outside academia. In a recent Trusteeship article, author Terrence MacTaggart explored how leaders can embrace...

AGB's Newest State Policy Brief on Reviewing State Governance Structures

Periodically, AGB releases state policy briefs on timely issues currently facing higher education. The previous policy brief on open meetings/records laws can be found here. AGB is happy to assist...

Is It Time to Restructure Your Board Committees?

The following is excerpted from Restructuring Committees, the latest in the Effective Committee Series from AGB.Good boards always want to improve their performance, but there are several inflection...

What's the Value of Higher Ed? The Personal Benefits of a Degree.

Each year, some 2.8 million students in the United States earn two- and four-year degrees from American colleges and universities, stimulating economic, social, and cultural growth for themselves and...


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