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What's The Value of Higher Ed? Cultivating Engaged Citizens

Last month, we explored the value that colleges and universities contribute to the economy by fostering innovation, developing an able and competent workforce, and providing a space...

When a Crisis Goes Viral: A Test of Leadership for Board Chairs and Presidents

In recent years governing boards and campus leadership have become more strategic about enterprise risk management. Despite these efforts, conflicts related to campus climate, free speech,...

What Makes Up Good Governance?

The below post is excerpted and adapted from AGB's signature publication, An Anatomy of Good Board Governance in Higher Education. As public skepticism about the value of higher education is...

Optimizing the Selection of Investment Committee Members

As we shared in Endowment Management for Higher Education, optimizing the selection of investment committee members is a crucial task that greatly contributes to endowment management success. To...

Winning Others Over: The Art of Listening, Storytelling, and Encouraging Impactful Conversation

Effective storytelling is not about the words we utter, but our ability to move others to see future possibilities. How often have we heard the phrases, "We're the best-kept secret in our...


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