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On Presidential Transitions: The Lesson of the Sankofa

The late Bill Bowen, former president of Princeton University, often referred to those of us who survived our academic presidencies as “the dinosaur brigade.” These days, one of the oft-...

Ten Tips for an Effective Advisory Council

Michael J. Worth is the author of Advisory Councils in Higher Education.Advisory councils are increasingly common in colleges and universities and add great value. They offer advice, serve as...

Guardians of the Liberal Arts, Advocates for Inclusion

Like many high performing boards, the board of trustees at the College of Saint Benedict desires to make a meaningful and substantive impact not only for our college, but also for higher education as...

Board Assessment: Just Do It!

Board assessment is an essential element of good governance, and it is a recommended best practice for public and independent institutions and for related foundations. By establishing a thorough...

What's the Value of Higher Ed? A Powerful Return for American Taxpayers.

Each year, Americans invest in higher education through federal, state, and local taxes. Do the results justify the investment? Absolutely—research proves college grads are assets to our...


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