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Board Assessment: Just Do It!

Board assessment is an essential element of good governance, and it is a recommended best practice for public and independent institutions and for related foundations. By establishing a thorough...

What's the Value of Higher Ed? A Powerful Return for American Taxpayers.

Each year, Americans invest in higher education through federal, state, and local taxes. Do the results justify the investment? Absolutely—research proves college grads are assets to our...

The Benefits of Presidential Assessment

Every college and university president needs to be assessed by themselves, by their board, and by an objective outsider. Assessing a president’s performance in order to build stronger...

A Winter of Discontent: Tax Policy, Trust, and the Future of Higher Education

The recent tax debate, coupled with growing public skepticism, reveals that animosity toward higher education has reached a boiling point. In a recent Trusteeship article, Kevin P. Reilly and Richard...

Education and Innovation: Don’t Lose Sight of the End Game

Innovation has become a common catchphrase in higher education, both at institutions of higher education and within the educational technology enterprise. Each of these entities has as its goal the...


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