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A Top Strategic Issue for Boards: Innovation

AGB recently released Top Strategic Issues for Boards 2018-2019, which frames some of the most pressing challenges for colleges and universities. As colleges and universities navigate an era of rapid...

Top Strategic Issues in Higher Education

Over the past several years, AGB has urged boards to focus on work that is consequential. By that, we mean work that concentrates on strategy rather than management and on long-range issues instead...

Leadership and the Urgency of Now

Alvin Schexnider is a senior consultant with AGB Consulting, as well as a former president and chancellor at multiple institutions.The highly untenable situation in which most black colleges find...

AGB Offers Guidance on External Influences

The first month of 2018 is behind us, and, as any government relations officers will tell you, state legislatures are already considering major bills that could affect public and private campuses...

State Policy Trends Have Implications for Higher Education

Each year, state legislatures consider policy proposals with implications for higher education across both public and private institutions. This year, 46 states have convened (or will convene) for...


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