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Educational Quality in Business Terms

Educational Quality in Business Terms

Educational quality in universities is complex and nuanced.

Educational quality is one of the board’s top priorities. More broadly, educational quality is inculcated institutionally as a key strategy.

Board members sometimes find the vocabulary of educational quality to be a bit confusing. To help noneducators navigate this territory, Peter Ewell offers a framework to think about university education in business terms:

When a university talks about…
It is essentially asking…
...assessment of learning outcomes.
How good is our product?
...assessment of learning experiences, retention, and student flow.
How good are we at making our product?
...surveys of student experience.
Are our customers satisfied?
...program review.
Do we have the right product mix?
Does our institution make the grade in terms of quality?

Adapted from Making the Grade: How Boards Can Ensure Academic Quality, by Peter T. Ewell.

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