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Investment Committee Succession Planning

Every investment committee should have a succession plan with three primary goals: preserving institutional memory, finding the best committee leadership, and welcoming new ideas.Preserving...

Presidents & Boards: Cultivating a Seamless Partnership

Votes of “no confidence” by faculty members in their president receive media coverage and attract unfavorable attention to the institution (and its president!). Yet, often more quietly,...

The Value of Higher Education and Civic Engagement

College graduates make good citizens by participating in the voting process. But college graduates also benefit their communities in ways that that don’t involve ballots. They contribute to...

Doubling Down on Institution-Foundation Relationships

The work of public university foundations is being reimagined in exciting ways. At a time when state and federal subsidies to universities are waning and student price-sensitivity is rising, some...

Restructuring or Consolidating State Higher Education Systems

Public higher education governance and oversight have been under review in state capitals and system board rooms across the country in recent years. In several states, governors and legislators have...


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