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How Does Higher Ed Help the Economy? By Developing and Employing a Talented Workforce.

It should come as no surprise that colleges and universities are some of the most important employers in the country. Diverse in size, geographic location, and mission, the nation’s...

Student Voice: Being Listened To and Being Heard

When asked about student representatives to the board, board members often suggest something like: “They’re great... they just tend not to make their voices heard.” There is no...

How Does Higher Ed Help the Economy? By Driving Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

American colleges and universities make a powerful contribution to our economy as business incubators. Through their research activities, facilities, technology, and teaching, higher education...

Effective Enterprise Leadership

A growing number of college and university presidents are coming from outside academia. In a recent Trusteeship article, author Terrence MacTaggart explored how leaders can embrace...

AGB's Newest State Policy Brief on Reviewing State Governance Structures

Periodically, AGB releases state policy briefs on timely issues currently facing higher education. The previous policy brief on open meetings/records laws can be found here. AGB is happy to assist...


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