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Top Strategic Issues for Boards 2016-2017

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The scope of change on campus and the fast-evolving realities of the external environment mandate that governing boards pay close attention to a wide range of interconnected factors. In this publication, AGB synthesizes the key strategic issues and demands confronting boards and provides brief context, important trend data, and facts to consider for each issue. The concluding questions for boards help board members translate these national trends into dynamic discussions in their own boardrooms.

Those top issues include:

  • The Business Model
  • The Partnership Imperative
  • The Value Proposition
  • Student Success and Completion
  • The Academic Workplace
  • Diversity and Inclusivity
  • Campus Safety
  • The Changing Environment for Higher Education

Top Strategic Issues for Boards 2016-2017 frames a set of some of the most pressing challenges for colleges and universities—those that influence how each institution operates and that demand the board’s strategic oversight and vision. In today’s turbulent environment, the ability of a governing board to deal effectively with such issues can have a major impact on an institution’s success.

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