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Succession Planning for the Higher Education Presidency

By Rita Bornstein

Hard Copy




“Succession planning with an emphasis on internal leadership development is essential in meeting the leadership challenges we anticipate.”

Drawing on her background as president emerita at Rollins College and as vice president for development at the University of Miami, Rita Bornstein calls upon colleges and universities to take a fresh look at their internal processes for leadership development and succession planning. She paints a startling picture of the state of the presidency: the aging of presidents is leading to unprecedented turnover in the not-too-distant future; the lack of systemic approaches to identifying and developing internal talent has left limited numbers of successors in the pipeline; and the demand this situation generates will lead to intense competition for future leaders.

Succession Planning for the Higher Education Presidency offers questions to consider, practical recommendations, and concrete examples of succession-planning steps to be taken by boards, institution leaders, and aspiring leaders.



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